What is going on?

What is going on?

Hi everybody!

I haven't written a new blog entry in a dog's age, so I thought I'd drop a visit and see what's happening. The summer descended upon us with furious anger and we were all lulled into some nice, lazy, summery laziness. We were lazy I tells ya. It was great, but the shop took a little backseat for a month or so. But with Fall and pumpkin spice in the air, we're back at it.

We're currently working on a deal to bring an exclusive custom 12PD Embossed Notebook into the shop! I can't wait to be able to show it to you guys. It'll definitely be cool, and I'm hoping everything works out so we can manufacture it for our great fans very soon!

We've also been furiously adding mousepads/battlemats to the shop. Just amazing looking large format mousepads that are equally as effective as DnD dice rolls. It may one day make its way into a TTRPG Swag Bundle! Stay tuned!

We are now on Patreon! That is correct, we're building another leg of our great community, and we're trying to fundraise for our various projects and products. The full official launch of the Patreon page will happen soon. *Shhhh... don't tell anyone just yet*.

I've been spending lots of time on Twitter interacting with the TTRPG community and family. They are a warm bunch of nerds and have made me feel nothing but welcome as I weasel my way into their ranks. So much inspiration can be found there, it's amazing. Tabletop players are definitely an artistic bunch and if you're low on motivation, make your way to #ttrpgcommunity to get a feel for their passion. It's infectious!

That's it for now lovelies! I wish you the best month of October, and stay tuned for our monthly Giveaway Winner coming in the newsletter at the end of September!




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