Happenings this week (2022-10-04)

Happenings this week (2022-10-04)

Heyo lovelies!

I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits and in good health! Well wishes to you and your TTRPG family, and good fortune to your tabletop roleplaying brethren and kin! Let's get at 'er!


Regular visitors will have noticed an increase in patches this week taking over the newly arrived section of the main homepage. I've been LOVING patch designing and finding good works to transpose to the embroidery machine. Hats, tuques, and patches are the order of the day here and we are also looking into maybe adding embroidered golf shirts. We'll see!

Do you love patches? Do you collect them or actually sew them onto jackets and such? Let us know in the comments!


Hooded blankets have made their triumphant return to the shores of our little shop island! We'll be adding many more designs here, but we're just happy to have them back in stock, as they were a very popular item. Head on over and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

I'm from Northern Ontario, so blankets are a must around a great campfire by the lake, under a clear starry sky. That's home!


So since launch we've been handing out free t-shirts every month, but as we expand our catalog, we want to hand out other goodies too. So we'll be adapting our monthly giveaway to include other items like stickers, patches, hats, shoes, and more. You never know what'll you'll get!

Or maybe you get a choice? Hmmm... What do you think?


And there's the big happenings this week. We're still designing and adding products based on your feedback, so a big thank you for that. If you are so inclined, and if you've purchased from us, please let us know if we lived up to expectations by leaving a review of your item. It helps tons, both for me as a shop owner, and other potential customers who depend on your feedback to make their decisions!

Thank you again, lovely nerds and geeks!



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