What in the World is Goblincore?

What in the World is Goblincore?


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Have you ever seen someone wear pointy ears and dress up in a peculiarly unique way that catches your attention? Well, that influence could come from the modern fantasy aesthetic style called ‘goblincore’. This unique fashion sense combines personal fashion choices, along with influences mainly from popular fantasy settings such as Middle-earth and other fantasy worlds. It also draws inspiration from LARP (Live Action Role Play) to provide a fun look that is reminiscent of wild elves or talking animals.

Goblincore emerged from fantasy and internet culture from the last 20 years. It’s based on the aesthetic of goblins, elves, and other fantasy creatures, often featuring pointed ears and setting-appropriate clothing or accessories. Its look varies depending on the individual; some go all out with prosthetics and theatrical makeup, while others simply add a few pieces of clothing to their everyday wardrobe. Ultimately Goblincore is a way for people to express themselves through fashion and embrace their inner fantasy creature!

Goblincore encompasses mainly clothing and fashion styles, often involving the use of colors, patterns and accessories that evoke fantasy or even mimic the look of mythical creatures like goblins. It’s a mix of traditional fashion and costume play, often associated with music genres like darkwave, electro-industrial, new wave and punk rock. People who dress in goblincore often find themselves at the cutting edge of fashion; it’s not for everyone but if you’re daring enough to put together an outfit then you can pull off the look.


Goblincore isn't just a fashion statement though, it is a lifestyle. Personal fashion plays a huge role in Goblincore and many people have embraced the fantasy influences seen everywhere in modern media and taken inspiration from Tolkien's elves, Middle-Earth mythology and more to create their own aesthetic look. LARP (live-action role play) has been popular for decades, but recently there has been an increase in popularity for LARP-style fashion associated with Goblincore. By taking part in immersive costuming and playing or dressing up as one of these mythical characters, fans of Goblincore can channel their inner elf or warrior.

Gobincore aesthetic isn't just about dressing like elves or warriors though - it's about getting creative and curating your own look that authentically represents yourself. Whether it's world-building inspired fantasy clothes or custom accessories influenced by your favorite fantasy books - no two Goblincore looks are ever alike!

So if you're looking for a distinctive personal style, goblincore might just be the aesthetic for you. With influences ranging from fantasy fiction to Tolkien himself, goblincore is an offshoot of traditional gothic fashion with a focus on "otherworldly" aesthetics. Think elves, LoTR references and Live-Action Role Playing (LARP): this fashion trend is not for the faint of heart! Whether it's down to personal fashion choices or embracing your inner elf, goblincore could be just the look to help you stand out.


LARP and goblincore are growing in popularity - with many expressing their personal fashion choices through these fantasy worlds. Whether it be an elves costume or goblins makeup - people want to bring their love of Tolkien-esque universes into real life. If you're looking to buy articles of clothing or accessories to do just this, there are several retailers that provide the right materials for LARP and goblincore users. From traditional costumes to innovative designs, whatever your fantasy influence desires can be found all over the internet.

Whether it's a personal fashion choice or an influence from fantasy, LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) and goblincore articles and accessories have become increasingly popular. From the likes of Tolkien and his Elves to those searching for that certain costume that will help them bring their imagined character to life, people are turning to LARP and goblincore products as the answer.


If you are an avid fan of Gandalf, orcs, and elves from J.R.R. Tolkien’s mythology but LARPing isn’t your thing, then goblincore t-shirt design may be for you! This style of design has taken fantasy influences from the Lord of the Rings and added them to a variety of unique designs. Not only do these t-shirts provide a fun way to show off your dedication to your favorite fantasy worlds, but they also offer a great combination of ancient mythology and modern design elements that can suit any Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) look!

Goblincore is incredibly popular and is perfect for fantasy influencers and fans alike. With this style, it's easy to create unique apparel designs that feature fun characters and fun elements from traditional fantasy stories. Whether your design includes elves, orcs, dragons, or some other creature, it's sure to stand out in a crowd. Ready to start creating? Let's get designing!


For all of my designs, I use the following sites. It makes life soooo much easier, and for the most part these services offer free use or trial period. So if you want to start designing Goblincore shirts, check out the following resources:

  • Vexels: Perfect for premade elements or designs. If you’re not an illustrator or graphic designer, this is the place for you.

  • Canva: Another great free-or-almost tool for graphics and elements. Amazing free selection and affordable monthly sub.

  • Printify: A collected selection of print-on-demand suppliers, all operating under Printify’s platform. Pick and choose your suppliers with ease.

  • Printful: The most popular print-on-demand service around, the big kahuna. This is one of my main go-to tools for my POD business.

Goblincore has become an iconic style in the world of fashion and fandom. With its unique blend of fantasy influences, including Tolkien-inspired details, elf ears and costumes, it’s no wonder why so many are taken with this style. Not only do these garments offer fantastic inspiration for LARPing, but they also make original t-shirt designs too. So if you’re looking to show off your style with unique fantasy influence, Goblincore is sure to be right up your alley!

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