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Black Lightning Cracked Glass | Black Glass Dice (7pc Set)

Black Lightning Cracked Glass | Black Glass Dice (7pc Set)

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Unleash the storm within your rolls with our Black Lightning Cracked Glass Dice 7pcs Set,. Crafted to capture the essence of thunderous and ominous power, these dice are a striking addition to your tabletop adventures.


  • Striking Aesthetics: Each die resembles electrifying black lightning encased within cracked glass, creating a visual spectacle with every roll.
  • Complete Set: Includes D4, D6, D8, D10, D00, D12, and D20, ensuring you're well-equipped for any gaming scenario.
  • Mystical Energy: Embrace the energy of thunderstorms as you channel the power of the black lightning dice into your rolls.
  • Crafted for Impact: Designed with precision and care to ensure balanced rolls and durability for countless adventures.

Unleash the elemental forces with the Black Lightning Cracked Glass Dice Set and let your rolls spark with unparalleled intensity.

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