3 Reasons to do E-Commerce in 2022!

3 Reasons to do E-Commerce in 2022!

Welcome to 12 Parsecs Designs!

We're trying to make sure we stock the shop with new designs as often as we can. We intend to write as much as possible, and make it a point to highlight products and businesses from around the Web and locally in Canada's National Capital region.

My background is a little bit of everything. Office admin, tv broadcasting, video production and editing, photography and graphic design. And I played in bands in my younger years. I've been grooming myself for this venture for a long time, and I certainly hope you take this journey with me.

With that in mind, here are my personal Top 3 Reasons for getting into e-commerce in 2022:


There's a lot that can be said for self-determination. This was definitely my #1 reason for getting into e-commerce. It was and remains a low cost of entry business opportunity for folks with creativity and a bit of determination. You decide, and you are responsible for it all. For some, that's heaven!

It's not all roses though, with great power comes great responsibility. David Goggins once said "who's gonna carry the boats?!?". I have no idea what that means, but I think it's "à propos".


With e-commerce, you can follow your passions into a narrow niche and try to corner your chunk of the market, or you could try to plaster the web with as many general designs and products as possible. But one thing is certain, following a passion that coincides with an under served niche is a winning formula.

Expressing ourselves in all that we do becomes more important when we open a business. It's a creative industry after all, and expression is the bedrock of art.


E-Commerce boasts a little something for pretty much anything you can imagine. If you can buy and sell it, you can setup a Shopify website and sell it online. You can learn as you go, you can make strategic changes of direction, you can add/remove/modify a large number of products and quickly. Variety truly is the spice of life!

For a great article about the future of e-commerce, check out Shopify's article "Future of Ecommerce".

There you have it, my Top 3 Reasons for getting into e-commerce in 2022. Take care all, keep in touch, and let us know if there's anything you'd like that you don't find in the shop.


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