This gorgeous watercolor paper journal has a beautiful Old Raven design embossed into a genuine leather cover. Hand assembled, this journal is filled with thick art paper, perfect for painting with watercolors, or sketching with pencils. The notebook has 100 sheets/200 pages of thick watercolor paper, an inside back pocket provides an extra layer of storage for spells or notes, and twin clasps for securing the cover and its contents. Use it to keep track of your adventures, or simply as a beautiful sketchbook.

100 sheets/200 pages,
Thick watercolor paper allows no spillover,
Genuine leather Raven cover is durable,
Hand assembled with care,
Twin clasps keep everything safely inside the journal.

Raven Embossed Notebook

This is our brand new Raven Embossed Journal! Themed to a beautiful Dark Raven design, it's everything you've ever wanted in a art book!

Genuine Leather

Made with 100% genuine leather, this notebook will amaze and impress your friends with its elegant detailing and quality glossy finish.

Thick Watercolor Paper

Perfectly suited for painting with watercolors, scrapbooking, or sketching, this craft paper is ideal for anyone looking for a unique feel and look.

6" x 8" Format Journal

Well balanced and sized for its nimble utility, this notebook is easy to carry with you, lays flat for easy writing, and inlcudes a red cloth page holder.