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Wizard's Gaze TTRPG Character Sheet Book

Wizard's Gaze TTRPG Character Sheet Book

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Introducing The Wizard's Gaze TTRPG Character Sheet Book – the ultimate companion for your tabletop adventures! Whether you're a seasoned game master or a fresh-faced player, this 7"x10" masterpiece is designed to elevate your roleplaying experience.


  • Dimensions: Sized at a convenient 7"x10", providing ample space for your character details without being bulky.
  • Fully Colorized: Enjoy character sheets brought to life with vivid, eye-catching colors, enhancing the visual appeal of your characters.
  • Abundant Sheets: Featuring 20 character sheets in a single book, allowing you to create a diverse array of characters for various campaigns.
  • Total Pages: A comprehensive 102 pages offer plenty of room for character notes, abilities, and backstory.
  • Softcover: Designed with a flexible softcover, making it lightweight and easy to carry to your gaming sessions.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of tabletop roleplaying games, from classic fantasy settings to futuristic sci-fi adventures.
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